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Top Design Trends for Commercial Spaces

Gone are the days of gray cubicles and corner offices, when color palettes and

furnishings were more important to the design of a commercial space than the

environmental impact, social elements, and overall performance of that space. Design

is about layout, psychographics, and function. As a building owner, it is important to

provide well-designed spaces for tenants. Here are some current commercial office

design trends, and why they’re important for your building and your business.

Creating Identity to Represent Your Brand

A company’s brand is a representation of the core factors of their business philosophy.

It’s the culture of the company. It is meant to inspire staff, reassure partners and

investors, and energize clients. Creating an office environment that represents your

brand through construction, layout, and interior design, provides a daily reminder to

employees and patrons of what your business stands for.

Building a sense of identity within an office space emboldens employees by giving

them a better sense of the company’s goals, while modern and stylish designs inspire

creativity. It is important to keep your employees in mind when designing the space,

because it’s crucial that your staff feels comfortable and productive. Take into account

the psychographics (the attitudes, personalities, ambitions, etc.) of your staff to build

an identity which represents your brand.

Using Space to Your Advantage

When designing commercial space it is always important to take into account the

reason the space is needed. Functionality can either entice or repel future tenants.

Activity-based planning takes into account the mental and physical needs of tenants,

while maintaining an open and productive work space. This design moves away from

the cramped cubicles of the last century and allows workers to roam the office easily.

Activity-based and collaborative work environments have been on the rise since the

start of the 21st century, with tech-based companies leading the way.

More open space for employees means less private space for upper management. In

many commercial buildings, renovations are shrinking or outright removing the

classic “Corner Office” in favor of more employee-friendly work spaces. Office

environments that enhance the experience of employees, create a happier and more

productive work space.

This type of operation-based work offers employees different options when it comes

to where, how, and when they work. Various work settings that take into account

different needs and tasks can include collaborative areas, individual concentration

stations, and personalized workstations for your employees.

Go Green in More Ways than One

One of the biggest changes in office space design in the 21st century is that

environmentally conscious building has gone from an optimistic hope to a general

standard. Structures are consistently being built with greener building techniques, but

that only partially makes up creating a sustainable office environment.

Keep in mind the health of your employees and clients when developing design

strategies. Something as simple as developing more attractive stairwells can inspire

tenants to use avoid elevators.

Also embrace recyclable and low-waste materials in your space. It’s often not enough

to build green, designers must create areas where people can live green for years to


Overall, it is not difficult to update your commercial property to the new standards in

office design. Functionality is key, and with offices embracing a more open-based,

collaborative work model, developing spaces which fit the needs of employees goes a

long way. Sustainability is also important, if not expected, when it comes to building

out a commercial space. Renewable and recyclable resources are only part of the

process, as builders need to take the wellness of staff in mind as well. Finally, you want

to make sure that your brand and cultural identity are being represented visually in

your office building. With corporations focusing on the people they employ and the

communities in which they produce, office spaces are starting to reflect that personal


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