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Cast and Crew of Construction

Oftentimes, business owners must employ a crew to construct a new building. Without knowing the members of the construction team, it is easy to develop misguided assumptions for the construction project, leading to misunderstandings and frustrations. It’s important to understand the roles of the construction crew to better manage expectations and reach goals.

Here is a list of the cast and crew you will encounter on a construction project, their primary responsibilities, and the role they play:

Construction Manager

At the top of the pyramid is the construction manager, the person charged with supervising the entire project from beginning to end. Depending on the size of the project and how difficult it is, they might work with other managers, or on their own. As overseers of the project, they are tasked with responsibilities such as budget management, scheduling, and the general plan for progress. They determine which materials are used, when employees work, and deadlines for the project itself during the planning process. Because they are heading the project, they must have consistent and efficient communication with everyone involved, as well as the client for which they are building. Construction managers are often on-call, ready to handle any issues that may come up along the way. Cloud-based software has quickly become the method of choice for planning, application, and communication for construction managers while on projects, given the wide stretch of their responsibilities from start to finish. 


Estimators are responsible for helping determine the budget of a project. They will estimate costs, labor, and materials required. This responsibility necessitates a vast knowledge of the project in order to evaluate the specific framework of it. Advanced software aids them in this endeavor. It is also imperative to maintain communication with the other crew members as well as outside companies so they can gather information and stay up to date on the costs of different elements of the project.


Architects are in charge of considering the needs of the client and creating a viable solution to meet those needs. They are the visionaries of the crew. Their job includes creative planning as well as communicating with others their plans. Architects are involved in the construction process from beginning to end to protect the vision of the client and make sure it manifests correctly.


The site engineer of a construction project is vital to a construction project and they have multiple responsibilities pertaining to solving technical problems for building, mechanical, or electrical issues; managing and preparing reports; and ensuring their plans for projects are executed correctly and in a timely manner. They often travel to different job sites in order to ensure proper implementation and to provide any advice required.


Because there are many moving parts on construction projects, a supervisor is required to act as the go-between for field workers and those in management to maintain communication. Smart phones allow the type of constant and direct communication technology necessary to keep the lines open for all parties. When issues come up between those in the field workers and upper management, supervisors are there to provide resolutions.

Construction Expeditor

Construction expeditors act as the middle-man between the suppliers and the project. They manage the flow and ensure materials are acquired on schedule. Their responsibility lies in understanding what equipment or materials are required for the project, ordering them, and then making sure they are delivered on-time. Organization is key in this role, as well as being detail-oriented enough to stay up-to-date on the progress of multiple schedules, since they typically work on several construction projects simultaneously. Construction expeditors, like everyone on the crew, must be able to keep in constant contact with the suppliers and the companies to better manage and problems which arise.


Simply put, the electrician sets up the electrical connections of a building. They are in charge of efficiently installing all of the wiring for the electrical structures of a building to assure proper performance. They must be capable of extreme problem solving as well as critical thinking because fixing issues as they arise requires quick and skillful action.

Construction Foreman

Construction foreman role is that of the leader of workers in the field. They must keep track of the project at the site, handling any injuries or issues as they come up. The foreman is tasked with staying on top of employee timecards, payroll, hiring and promotion. However, they also ensure projects are completed on the timeline they have been provided. As the first point of contact for field workers, the foreman must be able to communicate freely from the site to the offices in the event of any problems which might arise.

Construction Worker

Regardless of planning, managing, or ensuring the delivery of materials on time, without construction workers, no project could ever reach completion. After the planning is complete and the materials ordered, it is the construction worker in the field who turns those plans and supplies into the finished product of a building. From demolishing older buildings to creating new ones from plans provided, they are tasked with operating heavy and dangerous machinery, lifting heavy objects, and carrying out many other construction tasks. However, it is not only a physically demanding role, as construction workers need to work as a collective team with the rest of their crew to understand and follow the instructions handed down to them from the management team.

With so many moving parts on a construction project, it is easy to understand how clients might develop incorrect expectations for their building project. However, having an idea about the hierarchy involved in any construction crew can help alleviate any confusion about which member is responsible for which tasks. Knowing your team is imperative in creating an efficient environment so that projects can be completed professionally and on time. 


If you are interested in learning more about what makes a quality construction crew, Contact Hannig Construction today and a representative will reach out to you shortly.


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