Competitive Bid

What is Competitive Bid?

The Competitive Bid or Design Bid is a popular choice for business owners. With this method, business owners choose their architecture/engineer to clearly outline the project and all requirements in plans, specifications, and bid documents. The next step is to competitively bid the project to a group of general contractors. Business owners then typically choose the lowest responsible bid which meets their project requirements.

Government agencies are required by law to follow this process of issuing a public bid with the expectation that companies will develop their best proposal to complete a specific project, but it is also very popular amongst private business owners. Competitive bidding provides a transparent transaction that is both open and fair. 

Why Choose Competitive Bid?

Business owners are able to get the best price for their projects

Linear process provides transparency for business owners

Competitive Bidding complies with public bidding policy

Traditional delivery methods

Well-established and clearly defined roles for involved parties

Project cost is established through the bidding process 

Why Choose Hannig Construction for Competitive Bid Services?

We place our client's needs and expectations above all else. We strive to have a client who at the end of a project has had a positive experience with the construction process.


We listen, understand, and work closely with our clients to fully understand our customers needs.


Our employees, utilizing their combined years of experience work closely together to develop construction solutions internally to provide our clients with superior construction methods that exceed their expectations.

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