Design-Build Construction Services

What is Design-Build?

Design-build is a seamless, one-stop shop when it comes to a building project. With design-build, business owners have a single point of contact for the design and construction of a project, allowing the two to overlap and reduce the delivery schedule for the project. Instead of dealing with architects and contractors separately, business owners avoid the hassle and time of the bidding process by having both contracts held by the same firm. Business owners work with the design-builder to take care of everything from estimation and pre-construction to architecture, engineering, construction and post-construction. The design-build system also minimizes project risk for a business owner because of the single-source responsibility held by the design-build firm. 

Why Choose Design-Build?

The design-builder is solely responsible for quality, cost, and schedule

Collaboration between designers and builders help realize the business owner’s vision on a shorter project timeline

Guaranteed project completion dates 

No bidding process streamlines the project and helps reduce costs

A budget target is established at the front end, as the design is being completed by a builder who knows what everything costs

Business owners work closely with the architect/engineer and the builder simultaneously, allowing better decision making to avoid costly problems during the project completion

Why Choose Hannig Construction for Design-Build Services?

We place our client's needs and expectations above all else. We strive to have a client who at the end of a project has had a positive experience with the construction process.


We listen, understand, and work closely with our clients to fully understand our customers needs.


We utilize our construction expertise to provide our clients with the highest quality project available that is on time and within budget.

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