Question: Does Hannig Construction perform residential construction?

Not specifically, however, exceptions have been made based on the type of work required. If we feel the work you need performed would be more cost effective if performed by a "residential contractor", we will make that recommendation to you up front so that your valuable time and/or money are not wasted.


Question: Is Hannig Construction a Union or Non-Union Contractor?

Hannig Construction has been a Union Contractor since 1960.


Question: What radius of operations does Hannig Construction serve?

Historically, Hannig works within a 90 mile radius of Terre Haute. We have performed work throughout west central Indiana and east central Illinois over the years and have competitively bid projects as far south as Evansville and as far north as Lafayette. While this is our preferred radius of operations, we are not opposed to traveling outside this area to perform work.


Question: Does Hannig Construction charge a fee for budgeting services?

In most cases, Hannig Construction does not charge for preliminary cost budgeting services. However, when budgeting turns to project planning, programming or feasibility studies, there may be charges for these services. Please contact us to inquire further.


Question: What work does Hannig Construction specialize in or self-perform?

Hannig has the capability and expertise to self-perform the following areas of work: concrete, frames/doors and hardware, steel erection, carpentry (rough and finish), drywall and metal studs, and acoustical ceilings.


Question: Is Hannig Construction a full-service construction firm?

Most definitely! We can provide all your construction needs from pre-planning and budgeting, to design, engineering, construction, project closeout and post-project services.


Question: How does Hannig Construction award subcontracts & material purchases?

The lowest responsive and complete bidder will be awarded the work. Some projects are awarded on a negotiated basis. However, in all instances, costs and scope of work are verified for completeness prior to award.


Question: What kind of buildings does Hannig Construction build?

Hannig offers a wide variety of construction types to meet all your building needs. From new construction to additions, remodels and renovations, conventional and pre-engineered metal building construction, structural frame, masonry, wood frame, and concrete frame.


Question: Does Hannig Construction construct pole barns?

As a specialty, no we do not build pole barns. However, we have and will continue to provide whatever type of construction an owner requires.


Question: Does Hannig Construction give project estimates over the phone?

Providing an estimate over the phone generally does not provide you with the most accurate information. Generally, there are many variables that must be considered in deciding what is best for your particular needs. If you need an estimate quickly or are just needing "ballpark" or budget-type numbers, we would be happy to assist you with an estimate based on square footage, type of construction and previous cost history.


Question: Does Hannig Construction give damage estimates for insurance coverage?

We do provide estimates for insurance purposes, as well as emergency repair services for damaged buildings for construction types other than residential.


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Chartered on December 1, 1960, Hannig Construction has delivered quality commercial and industrial projects throughout the community.

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