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Architectural & Engineering Services

What are Architectural & Engineering Services?

At the start of a construction project, business owners hire an architect/engineer to help develop design solutions for the project’s objectives. Coordinating structural necessities, cost, overall aesthetic, and schedule are some of the roles met by architectural expertise. From pre-design to developing construction documents to construction administration, architects/engineers are part of the process to help business owners realize their dream projects. Architects are pivotal in developing flexible, functional spaces in which business owners can be proud.

Architectural & Engineering Roles

Master planning

Concept design

Detail design

Interior Detail Drawings

Landscape Drawings

Good for Construction (GFC) Drawings

Tender drawings & documents (BOQ, Specification)

Architecture design support

Why Choose Hannig Construction for Architectural/Engineering?

We listen, understand, and work closely with our clients to fully understand our customers needs.


We utilize our construction expertise to provide our clients with the highest quality project available that is on time and within budget.


Our employees, utilizing their combined years of experience work closely together to develop construction solutions internally to provide our clients with superior construction methods that exceed their expectations.

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